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Sung From the Mouth of Cumae

"The installation's title refers to Cumae, a Greek colony in Italy founded in the 8th century B.C.E. It was the site of one of the famed oracles of the ancient world, where the Cumean Sibyl, a priestess, was said to have sung prophecies from the mouth of a cave. In the centre of the gallery is a mass of handbuilt clay, almost geological in form, from which eerie sounds emanate. Surrounding it are a series of hanging woven sculptures, perhaps figures, drawing close to to the mouth of the cave, listening to whispered prophecies. The cave at Cumae serves as the physical point of connection to the spiritual realm; for us in the gallery, the materiality of artwork is our bridge into the ephemeral and emotional. As we attend to the experience of being sung to, amidst shrouds and shards, rags and refuse, we are offered momentary admittance into this liminal space between of the real and the imagined, the warp and the weft." - Kendra Ainsworth, assistant curator at The Art Gallery of Mississauga

Sound credit: In collaboration with Brooke Manning from Loom