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Cloth Dripping, detail
Cloth Dripping, detail

"In the exhibition Cloth Dripping, artist Mary Grisey creates an installation of cloth weavings, sculpture, and sound. These weavings are suspended from the ceiling and surround a terracotta structure glazed in a mixture of black with subtle colours visible from underneath. Bearing the texture of seashells and fingerprints, the terracotta form holds up a vessel of water. The soft, haunting sound of a woman’s voice singing emanates from within it, and quietly permeates its surroundings. The weaving is earth-coloured and dyed with natural materials. It is fragmented and frayed because of its contact with rust, and woven into it are remnants of latex, and found, uncoiled rope. The weavings, each approximately eight feet long, are sewn together one after another and hung into an immersive wall-like form that surrounds both the vessel and the viewer. In its ruinous state Cloth Dripping recalls a sense of awe, like the discovery of something ancient and wondrous." - Part of the Exhibition Essay for Cloth Dripping by Mary Ma

Handwoven & hand-dyed linen, rope, cheesecloth, rust, acid dye, black tea, black walnut, terra cotta and sound.

Image credit: Yuula Benivolski